Sunday, 1 April 2012

ApriL Mari~


Please be nice with me.. (^_^)

Today is Palm Sunday and April Fool as well..

And according to my calendar.. TOMORROW I'LL BE BACK TO KUCHING!! wuhhhuuuuu~

Can't wait to meet my mummy, my daddy, n my siblings..

and to my sista, Norzieana Nm..dun worry..i'll bring your birthday present n do wear it for Gawai Celebration soon!!hihi :P

p/s: since today is April Fool..don't fool2 around ar..hehe <3

Friday, 30 March 2012

Treasure your Love~

I'd watched this short film just now with my friend n it was not bad at all..

Its quite touching as it was really3 meaningful to those couple that know how to treasure their loved one..

To the ladies, not every problems can be solved by committing suicide..

Sometimes, it better to discuss first with your bf rather than keep it secret..

Perhaps, for some logic reasons, if they willing to love you, they will accept you no matter in what situation you are in..

How far you can go for love?
Treasure your loved one. 


A short film by DanKhoo Production..

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

YesterdaY DiarY~

yesterday was the last i went shopping with my friend, Juanna as we going to start our superb holidays in a few days..

(counting2 dulu)..yaayyy!!cant wait to go back home..

spending my money around RM300 is not the REAL ME i guess..never shop a lots lots lots like dat..grrrr~

and i was spending my money not for my own things..surely for my family..berbaloi la kott~

on our way to DP~

OMG!comel like alwayssss~
i wish i can show u what i bought yesterday..

but, nevermind laa..since those things are for my family, let it be a secret..okie?hehe

at the same time, 

while i was busy-ing myself packing my stuff~..


i was thinking..hmmmm~

i'm surely in a big trouble me how to bring back my 9 pairs of shoes!!!

i'm a big fan of SUMMIT!



p/s - dont blame me momma n daddayy..huhu

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Half of Me Wannabe

If I was given a chance to hear and to know my future "half of me", kan bagus..then i won't susah2 mok pkir whom i wanna share my laugh, my tears, my worried and my happiness.. But God knows better.. Accept it as a challenge that not everyone as lucky as U one day.. If one day God plans everything and U found your "half of me", do pray and Thanks Him..and be proud of yourself.. Why I said so?? Because U managed to accept the challenge that He give to you and most of the time, kesabaran teramat diperlukan walaupun some of the time maybe u was hurts by someone who never appreciated what you had done to him.. Yet, no person has the right to condemn you on how you repair your heart because no one knows how much you're hurting..

p/s To someone who will be my half of me ~ I admit that I'm not perfect.. Being with me is not easy as what u think.. so if u can accept my weaknesses, then i know u will be my everything.. But, I won't let u pijak my kepala so that I can ikut everything yang u suruh me buat..  I AM NOT THAT KIND OF GIRL..unless that 'everything' is good and beneficial for me..sound like queen control??well, I AM NOT!! I hate those stupid dramas.. well, just to let U know that I am on my way of finding the REAL ME and the REAL TYPE OF U.. And if la kan U was like 50/50 to accept me someday, u better say it as early as u can..Just don't make me fall in love with u then baru u bgtau.. Hate that kind of situation.. U know how much it hurts kan.. I experienced everything and I hope this will be my last and it won't happen anymore..

We all have our time machines...
Some take us back,they're called MEMORIES.
Some take us forward,they're called DREAMS.
In the end, I'll see who's fake, who's true, and who would risk it all just for me..
God have a better plan..Just TRUST in Him and everything will be fine 

Thursday, 8 March 2012

MoviE My FevReT, Ju, n Sandra going to the AEON aka Jaya Jusco Melaka to watch movie..
Since it is our FIRST TIME in 2012 menjejakkan kaki at cinema..
after a loooooong looooong time...
we were so damn excited!!hahahaha
Given three choices of movies which are... 1) Ghost Rider.. 2) Adnan Sempit.. 3) This Means War 
and finally we came into a conclusion to watch THIS MEANS WAR movie..
Sangat funny and best!!
Those yang belum tengok, plisss la..go to GSC and tengok!!u guys soooo rugi if x tengok!!
really berbaloi walaupun tpksa naik bas dgn bermacam2 dugaan.. 
at least, I'm SO PUAS HATI!! ahaha
wanna know a lil bit bout this movie?? 


so, luangkan lah masa anda seketika untuk menonton wayang ini di GSC..hehe

p/s: don't rampas my F.D.R!!he's mine from now onwards!! muahahahaha

well..i'm suppose to write here yesterday..i mean before 12 hour ago..haha
anyway, thanx coz sudi meluangkan masa membaca post yang merepek ini and sekadar ingin menolong promote je..ekekekeke
see u guys next time!

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Lady in Purple

see..nice kan this dress..tapi nice lagi my smile there..hehe
i didn't buy pun..just try test je..
penat la kalau nak shopping je every weeks..nak jadi ape..hoho

just some random pictures that i took last sunday..
getting bored while waiting for my friends..
ermm..eyeback sangat melampau ye..
since i was soooo damn bz for two weeks..
should wear my shade often inside n outside of my house..ekekekeke
#don't judge me#

Birthday Boy

Ehem..*fireworks berbunyi-bunyi*

Today is the wonderful and lovely day of my best friend whom succeed getting out from Auntie Teresa's stomach since auntie simpan him for 9 months and best moment when i got to know him 
here in Melaka a year and 2 months ago..

Joesster George Sili aka Jay Ulala
<3 <3 <3

Time so fast..
Bangga ada friend macam him walaupun kenal for only a few months then terus rapat..
Where got friend easily like that??hahaha
~being my good listener..make me laugh when i was down~
I do cherish every moments I had spent with you..
^_^~Arigato~ ^_^
If we were meant to jumpa again next time, i'll promise i paw u kaw-kaw punya!!
Hahaha..babi panggang u yang sedap kat E-mart ya pliss~


happy birthday to you..
u was born in the zoo..
with the monkeys and kangaroos..
happy birthday to you..

tua dah nya eh..
dah patut ngundi kot..haha

Since u jauh kat Sarawak nun di sana..and i know ur favourite colour is BLUE..
can bagi u diz jak for ur present..
Mok post cake takut basi lam flight..haha

Cupcakes jak me mampu..
i'll make for you if I got time later..ok??