Thursday, 2 February 2012

Holiday means HOLIDAY!! lama ody didnt post here kan??
miss me ody??
gurau saja.. jus dat i was too buzy enjoying the whole week shopping n jln2 with my beloved sista and friends since they were spending their holidays here with me at MALACCA!! wuuuhuuuu~~
now i'm missing them so much..huhu
if the time can d rewind back..adoiiii~
so many things that we did and that things never crossed in my mind to do it wlaupun lama ody stayed here at Malacca..
eg: pegi Melaka Wonderland Theme Park..naik River Cruise Melaka.. jakun.. (blushing)

us with Joel, cameraman..dats y xda lam pic..hehe

seronok kan us here..but for sure la burn lpas blk from here..huhu..
xpa la tu..janji ENJOYYYY!!..ahahahaha

next trip yg amazing~ Melaka River Cruise..

journey yg pnat..but happy!! ^_^

~the end~

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