Thursday, 19 January 2012

I Love You Auntie~

A week before i balik Kuching for a semester break, mummy called me..
Mummy said that she makin sakit and need to pray for her..
I remembered, at that time, i try to not cry over u while talking with mummy..
But mummy knews her daughter well..when i diam, she knew that i menangis..
Then mummy ckp like diz in Bidayuh.."jgn nangis..x bgs..she still bernafas now pun coz she tggu u blk fez..later dah blk, talk to her, jga her..and do pray for her.."
The only thing i can do when i heard my mum said like that was, I couldn't stop myself crying..i dunno if i could say i was terharu or tkut over the conversation..

sampai kat rmh, never tot i blh than nangis dpn she..
thanks to my bro..he know me he tried to cheer me up and he said plis dun cry over something like a brave girl..
she was in pain..the only thing that i can say once i hug her was..Auntie, I dah blk..r u okay?? Then she look at me and nodding her head..

and that night, i only can sleep for 2 hours since i promised to myself that i will jga she as long as i blk rmh..
and Thanks GOD, at least i diberi peluang to treat her before she left us..

And today, exactly the hundred days of you had left us in this world..too many memories that surely i will never forget..May you rest in peace and someday, i'll be there with you in heaven..I Love You Auntie..

Ur loving niece, Elia Nissa..

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