Monday, 9 January 2012

my baby CANNIE :-)

dah sebulan lebih dah x pgang my baby..missing her dy..huhu..
guess wat, the most expensive BABY yg i beranakkan demi masa depan..hoho..ouch!!
i played with her a lot time mula2 bli dlu n now sbb dah x pkai sgt i left it at home..kinda miss to play with her again..
Canon D550..mummy miss u.. :(
the reason suddenly i miss her because.... 
someone took a picture with my baby n now he's been using it as his profile picture kat muka buku..
 Joesster George Sili aka Jay Ulala
check diz out.. haha

p/s to Jay Ulala: thank uuuuuuu n sorry if i bg link fb u here..juz to show that i really appreciate it..dun marah2 k!later cpt tua..ehehehe..

This is my baby cannie ^.^
Originally, my baby cannie was branded by Canon..Delighting You Always..
tgn sape tu??ehem2..:P

My life as Mass Communication's student had given me a chance to have my own DSLR.. never tot i akan dpt this thing..never imagine pun..
UNBELIEVABLE??!! just believe it!! heuwheuwheuw~

Us with babies masing2 time buat kerja ckit katenye at KBM.. (sambut VC kottt)..ermm..yg tgh2 tu x mampu la nak caras since die ada lens yg pjg ckit n MAHAL! oh damn..haha..big fan of CANON D550!!wuhuuu~

Hopefully my baby cannie sihat jak at home there..nothing happen to her..will c u soon hjung bln March..huhu :(

~The End~

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