Tuesday, 10 January 2012

WeiRd PeraNgaI oF miNe

Standing in front of the closet full of clothes saying "I have nothing to wear!"

I'm listening to music really loud and I have to keep pausing it because I constantly think I'm hearing my name being called.

I wish mosquitoes sucked the fat of mine instead of the blood. 

The mini heart attack when I was in bed half asleep and suddenly feel like I'm falling.

Think I'm falling off a building and I had a spaz attack in my sleep..

Arrange something alphabetically and have to hum the alphabet to remember the order the letters go in.

Reading old messages and smiling like the first time I read it.

Easy to wake up when I heard my phone ringing but its SO DAMN HARD when people keep calling my name just to wake me up.

Afraid of cockroaches and dun get a shock when i have to stand on a chair suddenly.

Burst out my feeling when I feel like I want to do so. But usually I only loved to hide what I feel inside. 

At home-take shower as soon as possible. At rent house-take shower as SOON as IMPOSSIBLE.

Scared to go to the clinic unless emergency only.

Loved to heard the sound effect of ghost movies. BEWARE!! I'm only watch it with the one that brave enough to watch with me.

Laughing over something suddenly without knowing what exactly the reason I am laughing at.

Loved to do 'dull face' without any expression when someone talking to me.

Loved to do annoyed face (mata juling).

Pending. (My response towards something is so damn slow)


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