Friday, 2 March 2012

Bad Day!

Yesterday...the day i was being punished to pay rm500 for UNREASONABLE STUPID ASSHOLE CASE!! like so menyampah because melampau2!!
Luckily i still can control myself..not saying those mencarut words depan duhhh AAK??! the same time..there goes my sporting and lovely tough women that raise her daughter well..
 she knows my problems..1 think i remembered what she said..
"ask that guy to confront with me..then i'll just say..u drag my daughter to the stupid 'kandang'..i'll see u in court!"
Wahhhh!!so berani my mum kan..hihi..<3 mummy much2!!
If la i can say those words to that BARUA BODOH!!naaa..padan muka hang!

Dahlah..dun wan marah anymore..didnt bring anything berfaedah pun to me..bgs pg mkn..knyang perut..hoho..just wanna share here bha..mnala tau bla dah tua later, mesti ketawa sorg2 ingt diz Ekin said la..(the one whom ask me to wrote bout this thing here)hihi..
gtg.. *hibernating mode :)

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