Wednesday, 28 March 2012

YesterdaY DiarY~

yesterday was the last i went shopping with my friend, Juanna as we going to start our superb holidays in a few days..

(counting2 dulu)..yaayyy!!cant wait to go back home..

spending my money around RM300 is not the REAL ME i guess..never shop a lots lots lots like dat..grrrr~

and i was spending my money not for my own things..surely for my family..berbaloi la kott~

on our way to DP~

OMG!comel like alwayssss~
i wish i can show u what i bought yesterday..

but, nevermind laa..since those things are for my family, let it be a secret..okie?hehe

at the same time, 

while i was busy-ing myself packing my stuff~..


i was thinking..hmmmm~

i'm surely in a big trouble me how to bring back my 9 pairs of shoes!!!

i'm a big fan of SUMMIT!



p/s - dont blame me momma n daddayy..huhu

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