Thursday, 8 March 2012

MoviE My FevReT, Ju, n Sandra going to the AEON aka Jaya Jusco Melaka to watch movie..
Since it is our FIRST TIME in 2012 menjejakkan kaki at cinema..
after a loooooong looooong time...
we were so damn excited!!hahahaha
Given three choices of movies which are... 1) Ghost Rider.. 2) Adnan Sempit.. 3) This Means War 
and finally we came into a conclusion to watch THIS MEANS WAR movie..
Sangat funny and best!!
Those yang belum tengok, plisss la..go to GSC and tengok!!u guys soooo rugi if x tengok!!
really berbaloi walaupun tpksa naik bas dgn bermacam2 dugaan.. 
at least, I'm SO PUAS HATI!! ahaha
wanna know a lil bit bout this movie?? 


so, luangkan lah masa anda seketika untuk menonton wayang ini di GSC..hehe

p/s: don't rampas my F.D.R!!he's mine from now onwards!! muahahahaha

well..i'm suppose to write here yesterday..i mean before 12 hour ago..haha
anyway, thanx coz sudi meluangkan masa membaca post yang merepek ini and sekadar ingin menolong promote je..ekekekeke
see u guys next time!

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  1. kenja kau juak nisa... nangga cita romen2.. haaha