Saturday, 10 March 2012

Half of Me Wannabe

If I was given a chance to hear and to know my future "half of me", kan bagus..then i won't susah2 mok pkir whom i wanna share my laugh, my tears, my worried and my happiness.. But God knows better.. Accept it as a challenge that not everyone as lucky as U one day.. If one day God plans everything and U found your "half of me", do pray and Thanks Him..and be proud of yourself.. Why I said so?? Because U managed to accept the challenge that He give to you and most of the time, kesabaran teramat diperlukan walaupun some of the time maybe u was hurts by someone who never appreciated what you had done to him.. Yet, no person has the right to condemn you on how you repair your heart because no one knows how much you're hurting..

p/s To someone who will be my half of me ~ I admit that I'm not perfect.. Being with me is not easy as what u think.. so if u can accept my weaknesses, then i know u will be my everything.. But, I won't let u pijak my kepala so that I can ikut everything yang u suruh me buat..  I AM NOT THAT KIND OF GIRL..unless that 'everything' is good and beneficial for me..sound like queen control??well, I AM NOT!! I hate those stupid dramas.. well, just to let U know that I am on my way of finding the REAL ME and the REAL TYPE OF U.. And if la kan U was like 50/50 to accept me someday, u better say it as early as u can..Just don't make me fall in love with u then baru u bgtau.. Hate that kind of situation.. U know how much it hurts kan.. I experienced everything and I hope this will be my last and it won't happen anymore..

We all have our time machines...
Some take us back,they're called MEMORIES.
Some take us forward,they're called DREAMS.
In the end, I'll see who's fake, who's true, and who would risk it all just for me..
God have a better plan..Just TRUST in Him and everything will be fine 

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