Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Birthday Boy

Ehem..*fireworks berbunyi-bunyi*

Today is the wonderful and lovely day of my best friend whom succeed getting out from Auntie Teresa's stomach since auntie simpan him for 9 months and best moment when i got to know him 
here in Melaka a year and 2 months ago..

Joesster George Sili aka Jay Ulala
<3 <3 <3

Time so fast..
Bangga ada friend macam him walaupun kenal for only a few months then terus rapat..
Where got friend easily like that??hahaha
~being my good listener..make me laugh when i was down~
I do cherish every moments I had spent with you..
^_^~Arigato~ ^_^
If we were meant to jumpa again next time, i'll promise i paw u kaw-kaw punya!!
Hahaha..babi panggang u yang sedap kat E-mart ya pliss~


happy birthday to you..
u was born in the zoo..
with the monkeys and kangaroos..
happy birthday to you..

tua dah nya eh..
dah patut ngundi kot..haha

Since u jauh kat Sarawak nun di sana..and i know ur favourite colour is BLUE..
can bagi u diz jak for ur present..
Mok post cake takut basi lam flight..haha

Cupcakes jak me mampu..
i'll make for you if I got time later..ok??


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